October 6, 2017

Back from the wilderness!

Well its been a 24 days since my last entry, I think my microactions may have gone a little astray but the end goal of getting of the diet treadmill and creating a healthier lifestyle for myself is getting ever closer. A couple of weeks ago I f...

September 13, 2017

Here's today's microactions

1.  Go for a swim

2.   Clean out the fridge

3.   Make really healthy food choices

Very pleased to start with the fact that I managed to fit in a long swim. I always feel so much better when I actually manage some exercise.

My son returned back to...

September 12, 2017

Here's my microactions

1. 30 min stroll

2. Join the gym with Molly

3. Complete all my outstanding Cursillo stuff- part of getting organised

I realise I am getting really good at doing the organising stuff but the weight loss actions seem to be getting pushed to the back so...

September 11, 2017

Here's today's microactions

1.  30 min flexibility routine

2.  Spend the day well dressed

3.  Finish my bedroom

Had a lovely day at a Christening it was nice to have an excuse to dress up and it fitted in well with my  microaction for the day. 

September 10, 2017

Here's today's microaction

1.   Drink two litres of water

2.   30 min flexibility training

3.    Get a new hairdo

Had my hair done, yah feels so much lighter. As for the exercise not so positive I need to look at adding the exercise to a habit stack so to make it easi...

September 9, 2017

Here's today's microactions

1.   30 min flexibility routine

2.    Write a new habit tip

3.    Create a healthy hot Casserole

What an absolutely dreadful day. Starting the day full of worries is not very productive. Self doubt, self criticism and a very overactive...

September 8, 2017

                                                                Menopausal woman - trapped

here's today's Microacti...

September 7, 2017

                                                                  Tidy bedroom in progress!

Here's today's mic...

September 6, 2017

Here's today's microactions

1. Spring clean my bedroom

2. Buy some new underwear

3. Try a new juice

I successfully managed to get half my bedroom tidy and brought myself some new peach underwear. I tried a new juice at Boost (Pineapple, grape, spinach and coconut water) wi...

September 5, 2017

I started college an average size 16 now adding canteen food and alcohol into the mix. I still had a good social life and my fair share of boyfriends so I can’t have been that bad, or so I tried to convince myself but as anyone who has battled with a weight issue can t...

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I’m Jenny an optimistic and motivational Life Coach, NLP practitioner & Professional Dieter.

Being a Yo Yo dieter is no fun and I should know. It’s exactly what I did for 25years. Each day berating myself for over indulging and promising myself faithfully that tomorrow would be different, of course it rarely was.

I spent years as a professional dieter, I learnt how to eat too much, to eat in secret then punish myself for not having had more discipline.

I learnt to live off shakes or cabbage soup, I ate cups of green beans and endless pills and bars. I wasted many years of my life applauding myself for having lost 2lbs. The same 2lbs I had lost and gained many times before.

I specialise in helping women to participate fully in their lives regardless of their weight, shape or size. With my help you too could be so much more than your diet.


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