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Hi, My names Jenny.  I am a 51yr old mother of 2 children. I am a life Coach and support people to turn unhelpful beliefs and habits into helpful healthy ones.

For the past 35 years i have had a turbulent relationship with food and an unhealthy preoccupation with dieting. On a number of occasions I successfully shed large amounts of weight only to develop a series of bad habits that ensured I put it all back on again.

Over the years each weight loss attempt has taken its toll on my body, carrying excesss weight puts a strain on your organs and joints and inevitably my blood pressure continued to raise until it could no longer be controlled without medication.

I have always enjoyed taking on a range of fitness challenges and although I have successfully completed them all, they have all been hindered by my weight.

Being overweight somehow manages to age you before you're time, you see fashion designers are under the illusion that in order to make clothes in larger sizes you need to take away the shape and change the fabrics to a nylon substitute. You find yourself under the illusion that everything looks better if it simply hangs  over the top of your belly. Style simply flies out of the window.

Travel forward a few years and the years of junk food, yo yo dieting and sporadic exercise took its toll further when one day I found my food sticking in my throat, often causing me to choke. After further investigations I was diagnosed with a range of digestive problems including a hiatus hernia, Gerd, dysphagia and a lot of uncomfortable symptoms.

It is clearly important for me to make some real changes. As a life coach I have supported many women to make positive lasting changes to their life, now it's my turn. The final decision came earlier this year when my father had a stroke. Sat on the Stroke ward was a real eye opener, the pain and suffering that a stroke causes is immeasurable and statistically, high blood pressure, obesity and a poor diet and real indicators suggesting that I too may have a Stroke. Sadly my dad passed away and my promise to him and myself is that I will do all I can to reduce my health risks and to give myself a fighting chance for a fun filled. healthy energetic lifestyle.

So here's the plan.

In order to make lasting changes its important that i base my plan on fact. i will use this blog to document the changes that i attempt to make. I will share the highs and lows, the professional advice I receive, the things that work well and the things I discover get in the way of success. I am planning on photographing everything I eat along the way as a true reflection of the changes I make but in regards to the type of food I eat, the portion sizes and the care given to each meal.

I will document my exercise journey and share my reflections on what got me here in the first place.

My Goals.

  1. To create a lasting healthy lifestyle for myself which will lead to a permanent 5 stone weight loss.

  2. To reverse my health problems and reduce medication where possible.

  3. To become flexible enough to comfortably paint my toes.

  4. To become fit enough to run a whole 10k and to walk the Thames 100k.

  5. To develop a personal sense of style that is based on what i want to wear and not simply what covers me up.

  6. Most importantly to make all these changes permanent.

If you are still reading this I hope you will wish me well, please follow the blog and share any tips and words of encouragement that you feel may help me achieve my goals.

I’m Jenny an optimistic and motivational Life Coach, NLP practitioner & Professional Dieter.

Being a Yo Yo dieter is no fun and I should know. It’s exactly what I did for 25years. Each day berating myself for over indulging and promising myself faithfully that tomorrow would be different, of course it rarely was.

I spent years as a professional dieter, I learnt how to eat too much, to eat in secret then punish myself for not having had more discipline.

I learnt to live off shakes or cabbage soup, I ate cups of green beans and endless pills and bars. I wasted many years of my life applauding myself for having lost 2lbs. The same 2lbs I had lost and gained many times before.

I specialise in helping women to participate fully in their lives regardless of their weight, shape or size. With my help you too could be so much more than your diet.


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