100 Day Challenge

August 31, 2017


Tommorow see's the start of the Business Bakery 100 day challenge. The idea is to choose a goal that you would like to achieve in 100 days to break it down into numerous micro actions that will help you to achieve your goal. Each day you complete at least 1 micro action and Bingo in 100 days you reach your goal. 


So here is my plan for the next 100days:


Goal:  To lose 56lbs. At first glance this doesn't appear to be a very realistic goal but what I should point out is that I have a large amount of weight to lose so the first stone to 20lbs will come off relatively quickly leaving a more realistic 1.5 - 2Lbs a week.


 Although the larger goal is to create a sustainable healthier life for myself, in order to become healthy its important that I lose weight.


Pathways to Losing weight:


1.    Make healthier choices

2.    Exercise More

3.    Attention to detail



Micro Actions:

I wanted to focus on using my micro actions to change old habits and create new ones so here's a list of some of my suggestions for bringing about change.


1.     Eat slower

2.     Walk for 30 mins

3.     Cook a new healthy breakfast

4.     Go for a swim

5.     Put together a flexibility routine and do it

6.     Sort through my wardrobe

7.     Cut down to half teaspoon sugar in tea

8.     Drink 2 litres water

9.     Pedicure

10.   Take dog for a walk

11.   Clean out food cupboards

12.    Visit the Dr

13.    See nutritionist for factual advice

14.    Make a home made soup

15.    30 mins strength training

16.    Manicure

17.    Sort out attic

18.    Take measurements

19.    Try a new recipe

20.    Buy some new jeans

21.    Spend 30 mins reflecting on the plan so far

22.    Clean out my car

23.    30 mins stroll

24.    Start a food pinterest page of recipes

25.    Eat at the dinner table

26.    try a new exercise class

27.    Get a new hairdo

28.    Eat a fish meal

29.    Clean out bathroom cupboard

30.    Sort out Spiritual Direction

31.    Update measurements

32.    Start running

33.    Register for a race 5K

34.    Register for 2018  100k Thames walk

35.    Body exfoliation

36.    Create a healthy dessert

37.    Create a new look palate

38.    Socialize with friends

39.    Swim 20 lengths

40.    See the podiatrist re feet problems

41.    Wear heels

42.    Spend the day well groomed

43.    Eye brow tidy

44.    Make up lesson

45.    Give some clothes to charity

46.    Clean out the greenhouse

47.    Create a healthy hot casserole

48.    Write a good journal article

49.    Walk to fir tree farm

50.    Try a yoga class

51.    Create a weekly menu

52.    Spring clean my bedroom

53.    Go to Mass

54.    Walk around Haigh Hall

55.    Walk along Southport sea front

56.    Go swimming in the sea

57.    Spend the day dancing to music around the house

58.    Make some freezer meals

59.    Make some healthy snacks

60.    Dye my roots

61.    Meaningful Christmas Shopping

62.    Relax with a good book

63.    Spend an hr writing my book

64.    Write a willpower Tip

65.    Write a Habit changing tip

66.    Measurement updates

67.    Create a healthy lunch for friends

68.    Make the house smell beautiful

69.    Clean out my handbag

70.    Make a nice fruit salad

71.    30 min weight training

72.    30 min stretching session

73.    Clean out the granny flat

74.    Eat a new vegetable

75.    Give the dog a good groom

76.    Go to the dentist

77.    Eat on small plates

78.    Go to confession

79.    Buy new nicer underwear

80.    Eat a rainbow of food

81.    Walk for 1hr

82.    Try a new juice

83.    Curl my hair

84.    Write a new habit tip

85.    Book new coaching course

86.    Write a chapter of my book

87.    Go to see dermatologist about sun spots

88.    Have a healthy dinner party

89.    Spend 30 mins on exercise bike

90.    Create a mat exercise routine

91.    Create a healthy drink

92.    Have a breakfast smoothie

93.    Sort out my accessories

94.    Invite someone for a healthy lunch

95.    Join the gym with my daughter

96.    Create a nice herb garden

97.    30 min flexibility routine

98.    Tidy up the front garden, plant bulbs

99.    Go for a 2hr walk

100.   Write a journal reflection on the 100 day process.

101.   Boot camp session


Okay, wish me well here we go.


Start Weight:   16:6      Goal:     12:6


























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