Day Nine: 100 Day Goal Challenge

September 10, 2017



Here's today's microaction


1.   Drink two litres of water

2.   30 min flexibility training

3.    Get a new hairdo


Had my hair done, yah feels so much lighter. As for the exercise not so positive I need to look at adding the exercise to a habit stack so to make it easier I have decided that I will use the next group of 10 days to exercise every single day early in the morning straight after dropping Molly at school that should help start to create a routine. 


I managed to drink approx half of the required water, I am not sure quite why this is so difficult I don't particularly feel thirsty but I am starting to question whether I may confuse hunger with thirst so I am going to do some reading on the subject and challenge some of my behaviours to see if it makes a difference. I will let you know.


having the group on facebook is making a great difference to my determination to continue it's a very positive space.



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Day Thirty Six: 100 day challenge

October 6, 2017

Day Twelve: 100 Day Goal Challenge

September 13, 2017

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